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The chance to meet new people opens up exponentially when one works as a model escort. You go places that you may not usually go, and meet interesting people from all walks of life and professional fields.

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Nude Model

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a model, or maybe you just need cash. Either way, posing as a model for artists and art students is an easy way to earn some money.

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There is a lot of girls who think you must be "perfect" to work in a strip club. This is not the case. You do not need to be perfect or anywhere near. You do however need to be toned.

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VIP Luxury Companion vs High Class Escort...so what's the difference?

One of the major differences between a genuine VIP companion and a high class escort is that a companion is not motivated solely by money. Her gift is not the major focus of her attention and she regards the money only as a source of freedom and not a source of happiness. Such a woman is always extremely selective and will only engage in "girlfriend experience" liaisons that she enjoys, deriving her greatest pleasure from the positive impact that she may have on your life. A genuine companion is also aware that while she must be blessed with the looks of a model or actress, beauty is not found solely in external appearance. She knows that ultimately, the true beauty of any person resides in what cannot be seen. Hence, she will have little interest in the superficial and the pretentious....She is less concerned with how you look and more with how you carry yourself in the world and the values that shape your life.

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Enjoyment of the work is one reason that is largely overlooked.

No matter why they enjoy it. Times have changed, not every decision that is traditionally seen as a bad one is actually still considered as a bad one. There are escorts, that is a reality. Shouldn't they be people who enjoy what they do? Women are owning their sexuality, now more than ever. Good for anyone who isn’t ashamed of using the cards they’ve been dealt. Who are outsiders to shame them? If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, and when what you do involves exclusive events, international travel, and a place in the midst of the powerful people you’re bound to love it.

Working as an escort, especially when you are chosen as an escort for a powerful man is great potential exposure for a model. As long as the man who you’re with knows in advance and is comfortable with the exposure you’re out to gain, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be since there’s no reason you have to be known as anything but his model girlfriend. It’s a win win for all involved.